Sci-Fi movies are not really my thing…but this movie was pretty entertaining — and not in a nerdy sort of way.

The only cast members I recognized were Chiwetel Ejiofor (Four Brothers) as the villain and that black girl that used to be on Alias — Gina Torres. Anyhoo, the basic plot is that 500 years in the future Earth has been destroyed, leaving the mythical government/dictatorship, “The Alliance” to establish human life on various other planets. Human beings have been sanitized in the quest for a perfect, “sin-free” society. A young girl named River has psychic abilities, and The Alliance holds her captive, performing government-sanctioned experiments on her. She is trained to kill. Why, I don’t know. Things like that aren’t important in a movie like this. Soon, she is freed by her brother in a daring rescue. The rest of the movie centers on The Alliance’s operative (Ejiofor) trying to get River back. She and her brother are passengers aboard the ship of Mal, some sort of intergalactic thief, and anti-hero (of course).

This movie was entertaining, containing all the basic elements of a watchable flick: action, mild violence (River single-handedly kicks the collective ass of an entire club full of people), and humor. There is enough of a plot to keep you mentally involved, and the cast is amusing and likeable. I don’t really have any complaints…so check it out if you liked the following movies: Starship Troopers, any of the Star Wars movies (of course it’s not as good). This movie has received very good reviews and is even ranked in the top 250 at Now it wasn’t that damn good, but it was better than I expected.

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