Yo, this movie was all over the place. Frenetic and stylish, director Tony Scott (Man on Fire, Enemy of the State) brings us the real life (sort of) tale of Domino Harvey, a former model and bounty hunter. Keira Knightley (Pirates of the Caribbean) stars in the title role, accompanied by a hodgepodge of other actors ranging from Mickey Rourke (Sin City) as sidekick/mentor to Lucy Liu (Charlie’s Angels) as an FBI interrogator.

The story begins at the end and is interspersed with flashbacks throughout. The basic plot is that Domino, Choco (Edgar Ramirez) and Ed (Rourke) must retrieve 10 million dollars that was stolen from the owner of the Stratosphere casino in Vegas. Everything else that happens in the movie varies from comic (a Jerry Springer clip) to violent (can we say missing limb?) to erotic (impromptu lap dance). Was Tony Scott on acid when he made this? The lighting is stark and there are a million flashbacks – some as far back as Domino’s childhood – some as recent as two years ago. Domino has been soundly trashed by the critics, and I can see why. The story has some pretty absurd elements towards the end, but I also think the writing is very smart in other places. Domino can be described as all of the following: Action, Crime Drama, and Biopic. The movie was scattered and random as hell but I thought it was pretty kick ass and entertaining. It’s a little sad that the real life Domino died about a month before the movie’s release, but we do get to see her for a second at the very end. This movie was cool and different: violent, funny, provocative and a bit trashy. Knightley seemed to relish the role and it comes across on screen. The humanity of the character is never lost. Domino: sloppy mess but a fun ride.

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