Get Rich or Die Tryin’

The s*it was terrible. Period. I will leave a little room for the possibility that my interpretation was skewed by the number of mojitos I drank at the bar before the movie, BUT I’m pretty sure it still sucked. I also went to the bathroom for two minutes, so maybe those were a really good two minutes that would’ve explained everything…somehow I doubt it. My date was snoring. If you like the straight- to-video rap movies advertised in the Source magazine, maybe Get Rich or Die Tryin’ is just the movie for you. There are plenty of good hip-hop influenced movies out there, from Belly to 8 Mile to Hustle & Flow. Get Rich aint one of ’em. There are plenty of talented rappers turned actors, from Will Smith to Ice Cube and even DMX. Fifty aint one of ’em. Actually, his performance was better than I thought it would be and his acting wasn’t even the biggest problem with the movie. The movie was just a bunch of random $hit happening. A collection of scenes. Terrence Howard (Crash, Four Brothers) has been in everything this year and the brother is talented, but this was a waste. Joy Bryant (The Skeleton Key, Antwone Fisher) is featured as Fif’s girl, so the role was pretty basic. Homeboy from Oz plays the gangster who won’t let 50 go straight. OK I’m done really trying to break this movie down like it was something. I didn’t like it. Go see it if you want.

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