Lucky Number Slevin

Hell yeah. This is my kinda movie. Slick, cool, and complicated with a twist. Fast-paced and violent, Lucky Number Slevin features clever dialogue (sans one offensive religious reference) and a charismatic ensemble cast. The rundown: Josh Hartnett (Hollywood Homicide, O) is our wrong place, wrong time title character Slevin. This guy is anything BUT lucky. Bruce Willis (Sin City) is an emotionless assassin. Morgan Freeman (Million Dollar Baby) is “The Boss.” Ben Kingsley (Sexy Beast) is “the Rabbi.” Lucy Liu (Domino) is sweet on Slevin. Let me set it up real quick for ya. Slevin is going through a shitty little phase of his life, so he goes to visit his buddy Nick for some R&R. When he arrives at Nick’s place he discovers he’s not there. The next thing he knows two goons show up to collect on a debt that Nick owes. They think that Slevin is Nick (since he’s in Nick’s apartment) and cannot be convinced otherwise. Slevin would show them some ID if he had it, but he was mugged shortly after arriving in the city and doesn’t have his wallet. Didn’t I tell you this guy was unlucky? Slevin finds himself up shit’s creek with a boat and no paddle after The Boss proposes a most unappealing way to settle the debt that Nick owes. Confused? Good. It may seem like I’ve told you too much about the movie, but trust: I did not spoil it for you. This movie twists and turns like you wouldn’t believe.

Lucky Number Slevin has the coolness of a Tarantino flick mixed with the pacing of a Guy Ritchie (Snatch) film. I was about a half-step behind the entire time, but I figured out most of the twists right before they happened. The commercials depict Slevin as slick and funny, and it is– but it is also darkly violent. The transition of Hartnett’s character is something to behold. I imagine that the critics may not like how the movie switches gears, but I thought it was great. One minute I think it’s clever and funny, the next minute they go and get all Usual Suspects on me. Shit was ill, check it out.

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