This was not quite what I expected. I don’t expect to shed tears at an Adam Sandler movie. Maybe my hormones were in overdrive, but Click was surprisingly sweet.

Adam Sandler (The Longest Yard) plays Michael, an overworked but well-meaning architect who routinely neglects his wife and two small children in favor of his career. The title refers to Michael’s use of a “universal” remote that actually controls his universe. He discovers the remote in the “Beyond” section of Bed, Bath and Beyond, courtesy of Christopher Walken (Suicide Kings) as a quirky employee named Morty. Soon Michael can fast forward through arguments with his wife Donna (Kate Beckinsdale of Underworld), annoying family dinners, and even through sex, although I’m not quite sure why he wants to do that. Michael’s initial discovery and use of the remote allows for some cool special effects, as he can view any moment from his life, even conception. In this respect, Click is like one part Bruce Almighty, one part Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

The remote has a “memory” feature, and it begins to fast forward through entire chunks of time. Michael realizes that it’s the little moments in life that really matter — not the big promotion and accompanying salary. Click is very funny, because its premise allows for many easy jokes, i.e. slow-mo shots of the female neighbor jogging in a sports bra, and Michael using the pause button to smack around his defenseless boss (David Hasselhoff, Baywatch). We know it’s going to be funny, but I was pleasantly surprised at how touching this move was. There are some truly heartfelt scenes that show Michael’s life slipping away as his children’s lives become a blur. So yes, I can admit that I cried at an Adam Sandler movie. It had something for everyone. All in all, Click was a very good movie in what has thus far been a disappointing summer movie season (I expect Superman Returns to change that). For an example of a movie to avoid like the bird flu, look no further than the review below.

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