The Night Listener

This was a weird little movie. Robin Williams (Good Will Hunting) stars as Gabriel Noone, a late-night talk show host who befriends a young writer named Pete Logand (Rory Culkin), via telephone. Pete has written a book about the abuse he suffered at the hands of his caregivers. That same abuse resulted in him becoming infected with AIDS. Gabriel is first introduced to the boy by his publisher, and he also has conversations with the boy’s adoptive mother Donna, played by Toni Collette (In Her Shoes, The Sixth Sense). Eventually, Gabriel and Pete make plans to finally meet. Shit gets creepy when Gabriel starts to suspect that Pete and Donna are the same person, after detecting similarities in their voices. Add to this the fact that no one has ever seen mother and son in person together, and you have a regular little mystery. This movie is inspired by a true story, so I guess we can assume that nutjobs like Donna exist in the real world. Are you confused yet? Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated – it’s also not that rewarding of an ending either. I started this review thinking I would mildly recommend The Night Listener, but on second thought, I’d have to say it’s a bit too strange to spend your money on. Wait for it on cable, at least you won’t be disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I think Toni Collette can act her ass off, and Robin Williams is fantastic also – but this movie was just okay, despite its intriguing plot. Next!

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