Ghost Rider

Nicholas Cage (The Weather Man, Lord of War) is one of those actors that annoys the hell outta me. I think it’s his voice and his mannerisms. I just don’t care for him ususally, because when you watch one of his movies you never forget that it’s him, and isn’t that the point of acting? Anyway, I saw Ghost Rider in spite of Nic Cage and it wasn’t half bad.

Based on the Marvel comic character of the same name, Ghost Rider (alter ego of Johnny Blaze) tells the story of a man who made a deal with the devil as a teen to spare his father’s life, and now must repay his debt. He must become “the rider,” collecting souls for his nefarious one-time benefactor. After dark and in the presence of evil, Johnny Blaze transforms into the rider: a leather-clad skeleton who rides a bad-ass mortorcycle, leaving a trail of flames in his wake. Okay, so the premise is interesting enough, as far as comic heroes go. Both the story and execution were pretty good. The special effects were decent, although let’s be real – this isn’t Spiderman or Superman. Ghost Rider has more of a lonely, everyman quality to him and the vigilante angle is a good one. Plus, he straight up kills people. No sticky webs to temporarily immobilize the bad guys like Spidey; Ghost Rider sends the dudes to hell. That’s pretty cool.

I feel like it’s unfair to critique the acting in a movie like this, but I have to give a quick word. It was marginal at best. Cage did a good job of looking alternately forlorn and corny. Eva Mendes plays his girl, and her role has about zero substance. It’s nothing. A resume-filler, that’s it. Sooo….in conclusion, Ghost Rider is the kind of movie you go see just to kill time or if you’re looking for something to do on a random afternoon. I know this isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement, but like I said, it wasn’t half bad. Unfortunately that also means it was only half good.

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