The Invisible

*Sigh* The Invisible seemed like it would be an interesting and spooky supernatural whodunit, but it played out like a morbid soap opera instead. It tells the story of Nick Powell, a smart, well-liked high school student with a bright future. Nick has a rocky relationship with his mother, but he’s on top of the world: high school is over and he’s about to head to Europe to perfect his prose. There’s a hint that things might go awry when Nick clashes with the school outcast in the cafeteria, a social misfit named Annie. Let’s just say that little Nicky ends up at the bottom of a sewage drain in the woods, somewhere between life and death. The movie follows Nick’s “pseudo-ghost” as he tries to convince Annie to save his life. Sound weird? Yeah, it’s a little bizarre and kind of a downer. The Invisible is definitely NOT a feel-good movie. I was disappointed because there was no suspense or mystery. The conflict is established fairly early, and the remainder of the movie tediously meanders toward its conclusion. The performances are good enough, with the exception of Marcia Gay Harden (Mystic River) as Nick’s mom. His mom is supposed to be detached and out-of-it, but it just comes across as if Harden can’t act. We know that’s not true, so maybe the director should have tried to get something different out of her, I don’t know. What I do know is that The Invisible was kind of a drag, skip it.

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