Ocean’s Thirteen

Some things in this life are reliable summertime favorites: a cool glass of lemonade, a Jay-Z album (Jigga held you down for 6 summers, don’t forget) and an Ocean’s movie. With that being said, of course Ocean’s Thirteen was enjoyable. The first one was clever, the sequel was a little too cute for its own good, and the third one brings it back to something nice and simple: revenge.

The gang’s all here, with the addition of Ellen Barkin (She Hate Me) and the living legend that is Al Pacino (most recently of Two For the Money). Pacino is Willie Bank, a ruthless hotel and casino owner. Bank is opening a new hotel with the help of Reuben, one of the old cats in Danny Ocean’s crew. The problem arises when Bank double-crosses Reuben in a particularly nasty, cold-hearted way. Angered at the betrayal of their friend and mentor, the gang plots revenge against Bank. They have concocted a plan to bankrupt his casino. The overall scheme is spectacular, but each facet of the caper seems plausible in it’s own way – plus a little luck never hurt either.

The best thing about the movie is its ensemble cast, a hodgepodge of A-listers like Damon (The Good Shepherd), Clooney (Syriana) and Pitt (Babel), and some good old fashion thespians like Don Cheadle (Crash) and Andy Garcia. Moreover, any chance to see Pacino is usually a treat in and of itself. He relishes the role of Bank, and you can tell that everyone genuinely had fun making the movie. Director Steven Soderbergh (Traffic, Erin Brockovich) shoots the actors in the most glamorous, flattering fashion, especially the male leads. I don’t think George Clooney has looked more handsome. Who am I kidding, he’s almost always handsome. Pitt too, I think age is agreeing with him. The man has a nice lil’ swagger on him, no doubt. Like it’s predecessors, Ocean’s Thirteen is slick and stylish and whole lot of fun. If you liked the first one you certainly won’t be disappointed.

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