Based on a short story by Stephen King, 1408 provides chills in the summertime heat. John Cusack (Identity) stars as Mike Enslin, a writer popularly known for his exploration of “haunted” hotels. Mike’s job is to patronize these hotels and compile a list of the most spooky. When he learns of fabled room 1408 in The Dolphin Hotel, he decides that a write-up of the room would be perfect for the next edition of his series.

When he arrives at The Dolphin, its manager (Samuel L. Jackson of Black Snake Moan) ardently attempts to dissuade him from checking in. There have been approximately 50 deaths in room 1408, both natural and unnatural. The room is only cleaned once a month by a team of maids, and the door remains open the entire time. Say word! That would’ve made me do an about-face, but this is the movies and John Cusack is a white boy (we know how they are oblivous to danger) so of course this only makes the room sound more appealing. Enslin checks into the room, which turns out to be a living hell. The series of misfortunes that befall him are alternatingly nightmarish and comically pitiful. 1408 won’t keep you up at night, but it was pleasantly disturbing. Check it out.

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