Superbad is the mildly anticipated teen romp from writer/actor Seth Rogen of The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up. It follows a day in the life of two socially awkward best friends as they near the end of high school. A hallmark of any good, male-driven teen movie is the quest of its protagonist(s) to get laid, and Superbad is no exception. To say that Seth and Evan, along with their pal “McLovin” wouldn’t mind a little female attention would be the understatement of the century. Luck may be on the boys’ side, as they have been charged with the task of procuring alcohol for some girls they’ve been lusting after. The boys assume that if they can manage to get the alcohol in time for the big party, they’ll be a sure thing to score. The movie basically depicts the mishaps they experience in their quest to deliver the booze.

There was really no point in the aforementioned plot recitation, as movies like this don’t rely heavily on such devices. What the movie does rely on is dialogue, and lots of it. This movie is NOT for kids. The language is sexually explicit and the boys drop the F-bomb every other minute. Fine by me, but it is very noticeable. Superbad is not the cult classic that everyone wants it to be. It’s not smart like the oldie-but-goodie Risky Business, nor is it as funny as the original American Pie. It is a pretty funny movie, although teen boys wanting to lose their virginity is certainly not a new cinematic concept. My only complaints are that the last ten minutes were VERY homoerotic, and there was also one scene that was rather disgusting and gratuitous. There are some things that just don’t need to be shown on screen. Remember that scene in Borat when Borat and the fat hairy guy were in the 69 position? Sure it was funny, but it was more disgusting than anything else. Yep, the scene I’m thinking about is along those same lines, though not as bad. All in all Superbad was pretty darn funny, though I think it will end up being overrated.

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