Will Ferrell (Anchorman, Blades of Glory) is back with his unique brand of foolishness for Semi-Pro, the story of the fictional Flint Tropics, a rag tag ABA team with hopes of joining the NBA. What can I say about this movie? Any comedy set in 1976 is already halfway there with the silliness factor. I love the seventies though, I wish I was more than a gleam in my parents’ eye back then. Anyway, Ferrell stars as Jackie Moon, a player for the Tropics and also the owner. The Tropics are pretty pitiful, with the exception of Coffee Black, played by Andre 3000 (Idlewild). Attendance is sparse, and the Tropics really just serve as a means by which Jackie can make money and have fun. All that changes when the Tropics have a chance to be absorbed by the NBA in the ABA-NBA merger of ’76. If the Tropics can finish in the top 4 of the ABA standings, they will be absorbed. Now Jackie decides to ratchet up the intensity and effort to vy for the last NBA slot. He brings in additional talent in the form of Monix, played by Woody Harrelson (No Country for Old Men). Monix revamps the team while Jackie increases attendance through ridiculous stunts, like bear wrestling and free corndog night. LOL.

Ok, enough of the plot, because this is really all about watching Will Ferrell act like a fool, something he is very adept at doing. Jackie is a pretty funny character. In addition to owning the Tropics, he also had a number one hit called “Love Me Sexy,” which plays during the opening credits. HEE LARRY OUS. Semi-Pro is better than I thought it’d be. Will Ferrell movies are hit or miss – for example, I didn’t enjoy Blades of Glory that much. Semi-Pro isn’t an instant classic, but it’s certainly funny and worth checking out if you’re a fan of Ferrell.

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