The Strangers

Yikes! This one gave me the heebie geebies, I can’t lie. The Strangers tells the story of an estranged couple’s absolutely terrifying night in a secluded cabin. James and Kristen have attended a friend’s wedding, and are spending the night in a cabin belonging to James’ family – one where he spent his childhood. We learn that something is wrong with this couple fairly quickly. It seems that Kristen has refused James’ marriage proposal, and the two must spend an awkward night together in the cabin. Don’t worry, I didn’t spoil anything for you: that little detail means nothing. Anyway, I mention that part of the story because it sets the stage early for the nature and progression of their realtionshiop, as events force them together, physically and emotionally. The movie is tinged with sadness from the very beginning. Although the pair have recently ended their relationship, their love and concern for one another is evident throughout the movie. Anyway, on to the stuff you really care about. I’d say that on a scariness scale of 1-10, I’d give it an 8. I think that’s pretty good. I can’t give it a perfect 10, because certain parts (as with most horror flicks) exasperated me. It started off pretty strong because it was realistic. James and Kristen pretty much reacted the way you or I would. They were placed in a fucked up situation and were at the mercy of others, essentially powerless. Let me tell you about the plot quick-fast, it’s really simple: a family (mom, dad, and teenage daughter) are terrorizing James and Kristen. Why? No reason. And that’s the scary part. I think it makes us feel better as human beings if we can look at tragedy and say, “well, they did it for revenge, or for money, etc…” When Kristen asks the strangers why they are doing this to her and James, the answer is simple and chilling: “because you were home.” Oh shit! I just scared myself. I’m sleeping with the light on.

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