I was really looking forward to Godzilla after seeing the trailer. Director Gareth Edwards appeared to have crafted an entertaining film in the vein of the old great disaster flicks. Unfortunately, I’m almost ill equipped to pen this review because I dozed off periodically throughout the movie. Make of that what you will, but here goes.

The movie opens with a recent flashback in time from the perspective of married scientists Joe (Bryan Cranston, Cold Comes the Night) and Sandra Brody (Juliette Binoche, Words and Pictures). The pair is conducting research when they become victims of a tragic accident involving an unidentified creature. To be more precise, the creature was a massive, unidentified terrestrial object (MUTO). Cranston adds heft and gravitas to the movie, but after the first 30 minutes or so, I began to lose interest.

We fast forward to the present day, where Joe’s son Ford is all grown up with a family of his own. Ford is estranged from his father, who has never recovered from the tragic and mysterious incident that claimed his wife. Ford has tried to put the memory of his mother behind him, but recognizes that it devastated his father. He is the first call Joe makes after being incarcerated overseas, and Ford vows to help him. The first act focused on this backstory, introducing us to the characters integral in advancing the plot, which eventually becomes secondary to the massive creatures warring with one another. We aren’t introduced to the titular behemoth until well into the movie – but I found the anticipation annoying rather than exciting.

I admit that I’m not as equipped to write this review as I usually am. I fell asleep and wasn’t terribly impressed by what I saw while awake. In an ironic way, doesn’t that prove my point? I simply wasn’t significantly engaged at any time. I wasn’t too entertained by the special effects, or the battle between Godzilla and the MUTO. These are just my thoughts, and if you’re a fan of the sci-fi genre or the iconic large lizard – then by all means go see Godzilla off GP. The guy sitting a few seats down from me in the theater seemed to be having a ball. Judge for yourself, but I was underwhelmed and disappointed. Grade: C

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