16 Blocks

Bruce Willis (most recently of Sin City) and Mos Def (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) star in this action thriller about a cop who must transport a witness 16 blocks to the courthouse so that he may testify against corrupt NYC police officers. The only problem is that New York’s finest are determined to make sure Eddie (Mos Def) never reaches his destination.

I believe the premise of this movie is an exciting one, and I also enjoy Willis and Mos as talented actors. However, I don’t think this movie is great. We as viewers know pretty early on what this movie is going to be about. The problem for me was that despite a good plot, I don’t think the movie did an effective job of sustaining suspense and maintaing a tense, edge-of-your-seat feeling. A good example of a movie that pulled this off successfully was Speed. I know I reached back a little bit with that one, but Speed managed to do what 16 Blocks could not: introduce a great dilemma in the beginning but keep the audience entrenched in the movie the whole time. It just didn’t deliver for me: overall a fairly decent movie but nothing spectacular. Mos Def is a charming and appealing renaissance man, and I am a fan of his acting and music; HOWEVER, he had the most annoying voice in this movie!! Oh my God, it was so irksome. I didn’t like it at all and it took me a while to ignore it. There were also some plot holes that I don’t feel like getting into, chalk it up to poor writing. All of Bruce Willis’ Die Hard movies put this one to shame, and Mos Def’s charm couldn’t save his performance. Not a bad movie, but by no means is this a “must see.”

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