Dave Chapelle’s Block Party

Dave Chapelle brings us documentary footage from his summer 2004 block party in Brooklyn, New York. There isn’t much to analyze about this movie, because it is what it is: Dave’s favorite artists assembled together in the name of good old-fashioned REAL music. I think it’s cool that Dave documented the concert/party because it shows that the music he appreciates is a reflection of what he believes in: an expression of truth at all costs. We know Dave is a straight shooter and that he pulls no punches, and this is mirrored by the musical company he keeps: Dead Prez, Common, Jill Scott, Badu, etc. We also see how Chapelle is a man of the people, both black and white. The concert was a soulful celebration of real music and black culture and quite simply just a dope-ass show. I love watching us do our thing, I wish I could’ve been at the show, it looks like it was epic for the Fugees alone. Even though Chapelle has a huge following on Comedy Central, I don’t expect this movie to be a commercial success because it’s not Dave doing comedy, it’s about the music and Dave giving back to the people. Everybody can’t get with that. If you liked Jay-Z’s Fade to Black, you definitely should show Chapelle some love because Block Party is much better.

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