I Think I Love My Wife

This is Chris Rock’s latest directorial effort, a take-off of his popular stand-up routine where he laments married life. To quote Rock, you can either be “single and lonely or married and bored.”

The movie follows Rock’s character Richard Cooper, a successful investment banker with a lovely wife and two adorable kids. Richard’s wife is a good one, but he finds himself bored with the mundane aspects of married life. His wife wears “granny panties,” and the sex is virtually nonexistent. Enter Nikki Tru, played by Kerry Washinton (Ray, She Hate Me), the ex-girlfriend of one of Richard’s old friends. It seems Nikki needs an employment reference and decides to pay Richard an unannounced visit for a letter of recommendation. It’s obvious from the start that Nikki is nothing but trouble. She’s everything that Richard’s wife Brenda (Gina Torres of Alias) is not: sexy and adventurous. She has him p-whipped without even giving him the “p.” The movie follows Richard’s efforts to remain on the straight and narrow in the face of temptation. In his heart Richard is a good man; he just needs to spice up his marriage. He ultimately realizes what’s most important in life and manages to get his priorities in order. This is only after Nikki gets him completely discombobulated. Is that a word? I’ve always wondered if that was really a word. What’s the opposite. Is it combobulated? What does that mean?

I Think I love My Wife is humourous at best and mildly entertaining at worst. It has an indie feel, which is kind of a good thing. It falters at points, and certain parts of the story don’t make sense. One scene in particular seems like it should have been part of a dream sequence, but Richard reacts as if it takes place in reality. And another thing, are we supposed to believe that Kerry Washington is hot for Chris Rock??? I mean, come on. I love Chris Rock as much as the next person — the man is a comedic genius; but he’s one step from Pookie in New Jack City. His lips looked so cracked at one point I was like “damn!” But hey, that’s why they call it the movies, right? Because you get to see some shit that would never happen in real life.

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