I wish I would’ve had a premonition that this movie would suck donkey balls. Then maybe I would not have wasted my time with it.

Premonition stars Sandra Bullock (Crash) and Julian McMahon (Fantastic Four, Nip/Tuck) as Jim and Linda Hanson, a married couple with two daughters. Soon after we meet the family, Linda is informed that Jim has been killed in an auto accident. The rest of the movie plays like a morbid version of Groundhog Day. One day Linda wakes up and Jim’s dead, the next day he’s alive. She tries to glean clues about what happend, and each day that passes reveals a new little wrinkle. Sound provocative? It’s not; it’s bullshit. Linda pays a visit to a priest, and he gives her some cryptic spiel about premonitions, reciting a history lesson of other quackpots who’ve seen the future. The problem is that it’s never revealed why Linda had the premonition. It’s not to change the future or to right some wrong…the whole thing is just pointless. I do think that the basic premise of the movie is interesting, and I like movies that deal with fate, spirituality, and destiny – but this was just LOUSY. I would suggest Frequency in lieu of Premonition. Even last year’s Deja Vu was better than this.

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